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Nestled on Scotland's east coast, Dundee offers runners a vibrant mix of urban energy and coastal tranquility. From its medieval Old Town to the modern Waterfront Development, Dundee's rich heritage is palpable. Landmarks like the Tay Rail Bridge and Broughty Castle reflect its maritime history. The waterfront promenade provides a scenic route along the River Tay, offering panoramic views of the Highlands. The Dundee Green Circular weaves through parks and nature reserves, inviting runners to explore wildlife and natural beauty. For a deeper immersion in nature, the Angus Glens offer rugged trails amidst moors and waterfalls. Closer to town, Camperdown Park and Templeton Woods offer serene retreats, while Dundee Law provides a challenging climb with stunning city views. In Dundee, each run connects with the city's heritage, culture, and natural surroundings. Whether delving into history, embracing coastal breezes, or venturing into scenic landscapes, runners find inspiration in Dundee's blend of past and present.

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